Time Layer

Spectral Time Scrubber 🔮

audio processing software and effect

An audio programming project based around "Spectral Freeze" and time-stretching concepts in "A Tutorial on Spectral Sound Processing Using Max/MSP and Jitter" by Jean-François Charles in Computer Music Journal Volume 32, No. 3. The paper can be found here for anyone interested in a more detailed description on writing FFT data into matrices for Jitter transformations on sound in the frequency domain.

The processing unit was initially developed as a standalone application with a tethered foot switch for guitar iprovisations. The exploration begat Dreamthief, a collection of musical sketches and discoveries using the system.

The improvisation features a single guitar take with the Time Layer audio effect and a dry, amplified signal processed further with more traditional foot pedals. The system allows the performer to capture and write audio data into as many as 3 "spectral buffers" which can be time stretched, compressed, or frozen to create layered palettes.